@June thaknk you for remining me in can make pancakes

we have the flour, we have the butter, we have the syrup

we can rebuilt it

can’t believe orwell wrote that whole book and never used the word “doubleplusgay” wtf

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The thinking 🤔 emoji face and the monocle 🧐 emoji face are both lesbians and convey the same emotion, one is just more dapper than the other.

youve tried who is john galt, now try! Show more

this was an extremely bad post

im not sorry

youve tried who is john galt, now try! Show more

My dinosona is an fluffy dilophosaurus bc real dinos had feathers

Dinosona bc i know im gonna buy that jurassic park nose toy n make a suit head outta it at Some Point

@pupy @multiple_creatures did u know that :slime: 's full name is "Tom 'Glub' Tom The Third"?

the name was a collaborative effort

i love using SSDs

s running a entire
s server rack
d of floppies in array

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