Rant time:

There a population of people who periodically show up bemoaning how terrible Facebook is but, of course, THEY can’t stop using it because <insert reason> but they really want to.

That always pushes my buttons and I almost always respond with some version of “stop using it”.

That almost always gets me called elite or privileged because I don’t “need” Facebook like they do because <reasons>. And that pisses me off even more.

I left Facebook in February and Twitter not too long after. And you know what? It did suck. It still sucks.

I don’t know wtf is happening with my family across the country anymore except when someone texts me or my wife tells me what she saw on Facebook. I have to actually search around for forums and news sites to learn stuff now because I don’t have access to Facebook groups. People have to actually phone or text me because they can’t find me on Facebook. I miss a lot.

It wasn’t easy and it’s still not easy. I consider going back now and again. But you know why I don’t?

Not because I’m privileged. Not because I’m elite. Because I’m principled.

I’ve drawn my line in the sand and I’ve earned the right to beast on Facebook for being the shittiest company ever conceived.

Put up or shut up. Either stop using Facebook or stop bitching about it. Everyone that uses Facebook is part of the problem regardless of whatever their reasons are.

The only way to kill Facebook is to strangle its cash flow and the only way peons like you and me can do that is to remove ourselves from its product list.

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OK, I'm asking for money (the first time ever). Please boost!

I need to come up with $175 to arbitrate with a law firm. If I can't come up with the $175 I am going to lose over $1,000— which will financially devastate me.

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Please help, even if you can only give $3 or $4!

yall wanna reach me im on mumble and discord

im out

fuck this

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A friend in 2015 at an intentional community (commune basically) gave me this Ween patch

I hadn’t listened to them yet! I’ve since seen them in concert (2016)

And I have a hoodie I can sew it to!

Vanta made me aware of fray and hemming again

So I’m doing that, finally

observing the hemming job i did, and it looks pretty good, and i hope its stronger than it looks

it feels sturdy enough 🤷

*puts helter skelter on loop*

how did ringo accidentally make a good song?

listening to i am the walrus, and i havent heard it in a while

ive heard oingo's cover

the original is better

not sorry danny elfman, you could have done better

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