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A friend in 2015 at an intentional community (commune basically) gave me this Ween patch

I hadn’t listened to them yet! I’ve since seen them in concert (2016)

And I have a hoodie I can sew it to!

Vanta made me aware of fray and hemming again

So I’m doing that, finally

red is what im planning
black is what im unsure


(START = Library)

planning the newest roadway and its path

there is a structrue about halfway to the village, that ill try to skim past, instead of building it right to the structure

because idk who it is

and i dont want to be a rude towner

it is hard to see but, the three red dots are the buoys i set out

a path to find the way to and from oceantown/troido island

i also updated the bone sea wall, and the bone docks; ill have to add more bone docks to the bay the ocean facing docks are

it is one page

if it goes over this page, i will add another job, and depending how how long the 2nd page is

write a cover letter that is a summary of the resume

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