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Forced federation isn’t freedom.

Stop making Quality Admins spend every waking second researching, silencing, and defederating from hatespeech.

Make federation opt-in.

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so yall. i need this signal boosted until the end of time, it is my magnum opus. i've been working on it for half a year.

this is my guide to transcendence: being trans and learning how to heal using cultist simulator as a modality for self improvement (stealthily named for cis avoidance)

i hope you go down a rabbit hole of wachowski proportions with me and come out changed.

thank you so much for bearing with me so long. i finally made it.

gonna do some diablo

iso is neat but so tiny and detail!

real adults with day jobs in Europe hours who up

Anyway here's a video of Skinner yelling at me until I set the plate of food down AND the cute noises she makes while eating

Boost if you don’t know what a pager is.

How about this: Fan-made compact disc version logos.


im understaning how rulers work !!

but also!!! more iso art!

this character's name is Vanta and she's already shaping up to be a sassy little shit and I love her so much

(🎨 : @Critter)


isometric detail pixels

this is the aesthetic

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This is A Mastodon instance created by Hax. I created it mostly because I wanted and as an experiment in hosting an instance. I can open it up if anyone else wants to join.