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commissions are open! slots are going fast like hot cakes!

rate is $20/hr, limit to 3 slots with a maximum time of 2 hours each




pls DM, or email to:

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i have zero clue how to advnace the plot of taus epic; and still dont know what i am trying to make so great about him


@staticsafe and @chosafine talk about Microsoft Build, Google I/O, and the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Shades Of Brown Episode 94: Power BI, For The Gays

when mastodon finally implements full HTML support i will simply post


and delete my account

White masking tape is kind of underrated for its ability to actually hold things.

MFF: lonely floor pepperoni
BLFC: lonely brutalist picnic bench entire jar of peanut butter that appears unopened but had been rained on

Image: Celebi plushie sitting on a neat bed. The plushie looks like they had a good wash

*crashes through your wall*

*Crashes out your other wall*

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New York, the city that just keeps suffering!

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concept: paving roads not with black concrete but black powder

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