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2pm tomorrow feels like a distant horizon and im worried!!! Cool

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My ad for it is: as long as u expect a drink that sux, its fine!!

That “local child discovers more bones to break” mha fanart is haunting me bc its so good

Listening 2... my own heartbeat. Its p calm somehow. But i dont feel like i can sleep.. pbbth

All ppl are furries actually bc the self is a construct and humans are animals, you are your own fursona, in this essay i will

I used to hate that lucario, a dog, is always depicted eating chocolate until it was pointed out to me that as a steel-type lucario is immune to poisons

Ik ik it’s annoying but i coaster nearly a year on donations and trust me it’s much worse to have to beg to not starve than it is to see a ‘please help’ fundraiser on your tl

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Pokemon reproduce (largely) w parents who fall to differing ends of a binary

A note in cinnabar island lab mentions “mew gave birth” meaning mew is assigned female by humans

Mewtwo is mews clone

Mewtwo expresses a masculine identity

Mewtwo is trans, and is a personal hero of mine thx

So i got ahold of the electric company, basically the cable running power into the house is from the 60s and needs replacing. Which is a legitimate concern. But he also said we was one of 40 ppl who got the notice, and ppl are planning as far out as spring to repair it so.... theres not a danger of having our power cut off or nothin. One worry down.

Should i maybe just go to bed early cuz the dr is tomorrow... hff i dont know

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