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the next chapter of Sin In Space is recorded!!

no real CW here, except that it's a lot of 50s era speculative scifi talk abt living on mars which honestly?? i kinda love.

dl chapter 13 from my site

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Getting fucking breast cancer so that top surgery is expedited is the most fucking monkeys paw thing that has ever happened to me lmao

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Smells have been over the top today & yesterday its awful ive never felt physically struck by the smell thru a starbux drive thru before

And i -like- that smell

There i messed around w the cloud pinball pic a lil

I am open for sketch commissions for a short period of time! Recent business expenses have taken a bit of a toll and I have some rare wiggle room in my schedule. It's not first come first serve, but I will be closing this form on May 1st.

Check it out!:

( #art #mastoart #commissions )

I should try to draw but!!! I still feel iffy today ugh

The Hub magazine (1884), asking the real questions, like: what if horses ran for president

I feel like the migraine from yesterday is doing its best to creep in at me today so uhhh time to drink a ton of fluid and take it easy i guess.

Ffff im almost out of lingonberry syrup again with 12 weeks to go still on chemo ffff

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The cats are pitching the most dramatic fits bc

1) no catio its cold
2) they got One pot of cat grass, killed it, and want MORE but its locked in the little greenhouse & they dont have thumbs

I def had a migraine yesterday n listen ... would not recommend chemo migraine, 0/10

Lack of potassium from chemo means ENJOY UR CHARLIE HORSE AT 7:30 AM FUCKER

Everyones calling me so im just lying on the floor w my sunglasses and a waterbottle using speaker n hoping my stomach behaves

Me wearing sunglasses in a dark room to look at a phone: maybe its not q real migraine and im bein a baby

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