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It was weird not having my industrial in for a few hours...

I am far too anxious about this MRI. It's FINE I've had tons of these.

I'm just going to have to use wire cutters on these captured bead earrings before the MRI, then go get new ones put in

@foxhkron you have 1 second to transfer 2,000 USD in BTC to my account or I'll leak an image my malicious software took of you!


Weh need to take all metal out of ears because of MRI tomorrow. WEH.

I feel like I've just been running for 13 years and have no idea where I get to just stop and finally rest.

this is also the same reason you dont meet up with someone from ohio they could be corn

do not meet up with anyone from Massachusetts in real life

they could very well be a medium regular ice coffee from dunkin donuts

Me: I'm sooooo tiredddd

Also me: Took large dose of anxiety meds


I just want to buy my space heater and giant pack of Oreos in peace

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