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Like I have nothing against vegans because do what you want/need to do. Just don't preach to people.

Militant vegans really make them look bad...

Amazon Dash button for Durban Poison

One day I'll figure out how to take damn quetiapine

Next web server name is going to be Xibalba.

19 fuckin U just make it a corner table or something aaaaaaa

That or find some kind of vertical rack mount. I'd need one like a box with air filters. That thing will just suck in tons of crap from the hypothetical dwelling.

I need to stop full-cycling this phone's battery.

Oh I need to be out of my armor to eat corpses

I love blowing my nose and it seeming like a blood goo mix.

If only filtering worked on these mobile clients.

I hate that point of terminal executive dysfunction where I'm so pissed off that things I'm supposed to do aren't done I snap and do it all angrily.

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