Its great, when dealing with this person we just instantly go over her head to her boss and say she's requesting stupid tasks again.

"UPDATE THE FIRMWARE" We don't have the release firmware and you did not get us the development certificate. "WELL DO IT ANYWAY" Ok. Sure.

I sense this week is going to be another blade server week

@tom holy fuck horror+VR simultaneously best idea and worst idea

@tom but what about multiple dimensions and half a presses?

Yeah nextcloud is really inefficient at generating thumbnails aaaa

Turns out nextcloud needs a bit of RAM to function...

Also talked to aa good friend going back to high school. Oh my god he has been living in a wasteland in Michigan. I need to help him get on the west coast as well as start him not using so many slurs....

@chr ask them if they have a card or a website I can visit

There are like one or 2 ants on my desk that keep spawning. I keep killing them as I see them; not sure where they're coming from.

My body apparently really wanted me to sleep for another 10 hours

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