Tired of discrimination just because people don't have children. Lots of us don't fucking want crotch goblins.

Oh fuck I need to change name with the VA. I am dreading this paperwork.

I don't understand people I panic when my phone battery gets to 70% how are you living near 10%

Flu shot feels like someone stabbed me in the arm. Oh wait.

@kobold this sounds about right for Salesforce

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This headset for work says "volume maximum" when I hit it (it's really quiet) but it's mixed with the audio, so I started playing it integrated with the song and it works nice.

@masklayer those better have been damn good tortillas.

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"Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can't be Scrumm-ed with. It doesn't feel fatigue from standups, remorse from developers, or fear from upper management. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until the standup meeting is over."

@soft unrealistic body expectations for mortals.

Work friend: "You seem to have energy to walk faster than me today."

Me: "Actually its fear and adrenaline. I wish I were joking."

I needed a rude awakening in compassion back then.

As shitty of a person I was before, I do miss the halcyon days of before I even found out I was trans.

Whatever. I'm just apparently doomed to just suffer all the time.

I love my job but sometimes I really hate it here.

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