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Haxapalxaibablab @hax@hyenas.space

I'm usually the asian dude...

Well I feel singled out now...

I'm so ready. I just want out.

Today's feel: My coworker and I just wordlessly screaming at each other before starting an actual conversation

Life Hack: use the hot aisle of your racked servers to cure your nail polish top coat faster

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*watches the instance/dumpster fire drama unfold*

Matrix seems to be yet another one of those IM things you'll never get your friends to switch to.

My PTSD/anxiety meds only go so far and I have a good 12 hours before I can take my sleep meds to just go the fuck back to sleep

I guess today's theme for me is being scared of things happening. Already woke up from a dream about a friend I may never see again, aaaaand its a weekend where nothing is going to happen and I just sit here in limbo.

I'm tired of being conscious

I feel like I've just been running for 13 years and have no idea where I get to just stop and finally rest.

this is also the same reason you dont meet up with someone from ohio they could be corn