Its pretty hilarious all these technologies like docker etc and people going ITS SERVERLESS!?

Dude, guess what that shit actually
runs on?

I have fun with enterprise sales reps. The up sells are hilarious. I also make them buy me dinner or something.

The rest just watch youtube or twitch all day. Useful people.

There are several people in my group who do nothing, or have to be hand held for most things. I'd be ok telling them how to do something, but not every time they have to do a test, or just ignore the 100 fucking documents on how to do all of the things they;re asking about.

I did. So much work today.

"Oh yeah all of those tests need to be done today"


I think a sign of getting old is being able to identify all the samples used in songs.

Doing quests for any water people in any game:

"You are going to be soaked for 99% of this quest line."

This whole "hating cis people" thing is so fucking toxic and hypocritical. You can't fucking tell anyone you have no cis people you value in your lives.

Stop trying to hire/combine developers and sysadmins together in a fucking stupid "devops" position.

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