It's kind of funny how iftop underflows values when the interface hits gigabit speeds

I really want to travel overseas at least once before I die but as the years progress it feels like its never going to happen.

Fuck, razor thin margin on being able to pay rent.

Chapped Lips

Your lips are chapped, you've never felt this level of minor discomfort before.

"Whitney Houston: oooh I wanna dance with somebody

My brain:
Don't do it
Don't do it
Don't do it

I wanna feel the ᴴᴱᴬᡀ with somebody"

I just describe my pain to my manager and he leaves me alone.

I just describe my pain to my supervisors and they freak out and leave me alone. I am ok with this.

Dream I was having really shook me so establishing the CBD/clonazepam/PTSD med trifecta.

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