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Haxapalxaibablab @hax@hyenas.space

if livestock is a thing, then what is deadstock?

Me: crows and crow accessories

@thefishcrow : crowpane.

Thankfully I can put my upgraded ship into storage, get a starter one, and see if @thefishcrow can impact a planetary body at relativistic speeds.

Threw @thefishcrow into Elite Dangerous VR. He is enjoying space.


Troll design!

My precious agender alien babies!! They sometimes also have multiple arms, ears, horns, and tails

I kept this buckawoo simple, with the infamous 'troll eye'

((Note: Riotan trolls do not have biological sexual reproductive organs))

Watching someone else do stuff on a computer drives me up the wall

I think tomorrow is learn Power CLI for vsphere because I'm reaching critical rage for it.

I gave up working on something because there were like 10 people using the same vSphere server running tests against it

We have these in the racks and I call them engineer cooling units because I stand in front of them.

I'm wondering how many more military status flags I'll acquire over the years.

Well, I was worried about fee changes for my speech pathology, but I'm a disabled post-9-11 wartime veteran with a service connected disability so its not charged. I was getting stressed out.

I'm rewarded with ants for giving my cat wet food. I really fucking hate ants and this apartment.