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Haxapalxaibablab @hax@hyenas.space

It's always the Linux superstars who miss the obvious places to change email/Name for some services, and then scream and whine about it.

Why did we get like 5 meter long SAS cables for a system all being in the same rack. They literally need to only be 0.5 or 2 meter.

I reply with that a lot because its so versatile

I'd love to regift it but oh well.

TFW a friend buys you a game and it is outside the types you enjoy playing. I just can't get into Monster Hunter World.

Won't be able to get the WoW expansion for a while, uugh.

My mattress is strapped to eight roombas and I leave all my doors open at night so the roombas can go where they want to. I wake up where they want me to be. I trust their decisions.

Dodged a giant artillery shell by not moving in as roommate

Like they make everything a debate or take it as an attack on any part of them.

I don't know how people who make every single act in a day a giant drama event. I don't understand that energy.

My friend got me monster hunter world but I don't think it's quite my game...

I just know the same thing is going to happen as every other WoW expansion and I’ll continue being left out. Its like my friends are punishing me for having a standard 9-5 job, or they’re 298374 levels ahead of me and don’t want to wait for me. I really want to get back into it again like I was in 2009. At least people invited me to play back then.