*slaps roof of dag* this bad boy can fit 0 cycles in it

*pets a graph with no cycles* what a good boy. good dag.

aaaaaa i just got this adorable commission from my pal Tri, go check out their wonderful art → twitter.com/Trinosaur

asonix.dog is growing!

Check out all my cool friends from asonix.dog

@Skepa foxxo
@FenTheWaff waff
@imara lion
@redwood doggo
@Greendrag13 doggo
@Shadow8t4 werefoxxo
@kay (inactive) wolf+moth
@Serket88 (inactive) anime girl
@asonix (me) werewaff doggo

don't stop us now 'cause we're havin' a good time

Hey! Since I changed my domain and a bunch of people aren't following me anymore, could you all boost me around? Pls+thank

*tries to go to hyenas.space*
*just googles 'hyenas'*

oh no, im caught up on the pokemon sun & moon anime

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This is hyenas.space. A Mastodon instance created by Hax. I created it mostly because I wanted hyenas.space and as an experiment in hosting an instance. I can open it up if anyone else wants to join.